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"Toured your winery a number of years ago and still remember the Pinot Noirs and Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. Definitely a treat." AP in Illinois   more comments....

"I always order once or twice a year for Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas!"
CJ in AZ

"Your Christmas wines go over big every year. Keep up the good work."

"I received a Pinot Noir, Petite Sryah and a Cab for Christmas from a rep I work with. The wines are fantastic. I'm sending him your wine so he can see how wonderful it is!"
BC in WA |  more comments...
Christmas Wine - Reindeer Labels & Peoms | Rudolf Christmas Wine | Rudolph's Red | Pinot Noir
$20.00  90022

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)

Gentle flavors of strawberries and cranberries with a light silky finish. Try this Pinot Noir with Lamb, Pork, or Fish. In other words this wine will go with just about anything, including one of our favorites is spicy grilled sweet potatoes. This wine has good balance and can go with a wide variety of grilled or smoked foods such as pork or a roasted vegetable salad.

(back label poem):
History tells us of that famous flight
When Rudolph's nose lit up the night.
But down in the cellar, Santa was thinking
“What special wine would people be drinking?”
The elves and the reindeer were gathered around
In hopes that a holiday wine would be found.
Then Rudy stepped forward, the place was a hush
“Let's bottle a red, we've already got a blush.”
“You're right,” Santa exclaimed, “Red wine we can do!
Thanks, dear Rudy, we will name it for you.”

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Christmas & Holiday Wines Christmas Wine | Blitzen's Blanc
$15.00  91127-90031

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)

Our Blitzen's Blanc is made from Pinot Gris.

This wine was made in 100% stainless steel tanks so there is no Oak to hide the flavors of this delicious light wine. 2013 brings us a new look -and same great flavor you have come to love and expect. This vintage of Pinot Gris was whole cluter pressed and fermented at cool temperatures with yeast that released aromatics of Bergamot tea mixed with grapefruit flavors. True to its character, this wine is crisp, lively and refreshing on the palate.

Ours is delicious and will go with most dishes served at Christmas time.

(back label poem):
'Twas the vintage following Prancer's;
That beautiful Blush, the party enhancer
The snow was falling, the hour was near
Empty bottles awaited Holiday Cheer.
The Elves were pacing, the reindeer attending
Down in the cellar ol' Santa was blending.
He raised his glass and exclaimed with a sigh
"It's beautifully balanced and slightly off dry!"
"I have an encore as good as the past
Load the sleigh! Perfection at last!"
A Blanc called Blitzen, it's flavor revealing
The answer for Christmas... truly appealing!

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Christmas & Holiday Wine Christmas Wine | Vixen's Vino - Chardonnay
$15.00  NV-VIXEN

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)

The tropical fruits and pear flavors of this Chardonnay coupled with a subtle crisp finish make this a surprisingly diverse wine. Enjoy this Chardonnay with grilled or lightly smoked fish or poultry.

(back label poem):
Four Christmas’ have passed in the annals of time, Since Eola Hills introduced it’s now famous Reindeer wines. It was Prancer then Blitzen, and Rudolph was third, Then came Comet, leaving just five in the herd. Now a new Christmas approaches, and the sentiments grows For a fifth in the line that everyone knows. Done is the the Blush and the Blanc, a Sparkler and Pinot, Let’s do Chardonnay this Season, and we’ll have Vixen’s Vino!

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Christmas Wine Dashers Dessert Christmas Wine | Dasher's Dessert

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)

"LBV" Dessert Cabernet Sauvignon, Port Style. Made in the traditional Late Bottled Vintage fashion - LBV - this sweet red wine dessert wine was aged 6 years in an Oak Barrel.  Think dark chocolate, brandy, and cabernet sauvignon all mixed together.  We did not actually use chocolate in the wine it just tastes like it.  This is perfect for the fire, a date or even a hot tub. Share this tonight with friends.

(back label poem):
'St. Nicolas was napping at the corporate meeting
as the executives spoke of the next wine they'd be needing.
All this talk was a waste 'cause old Santa he knew
the Eola Hills gang and their winemaking crew.
Could these, "corporate suits" be any insaner?
A dessert Cabernet is just "no brainer".
And who's name should we put this classical wine?
"Why, Dasher's Dessert would really do fine!"

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Christmas Wine Donners Vin Christmas Wine | Donner's Vin Doux
$30.00  NV - Delight

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)
Pressed from late-harvest, frozen Sauvignon Blanc grapes and barrel fermented in new French Oak, our Vin d’ Or exudes aromas of vanilla, honey and pineapple.

Its natural sweetness is supported by a strict acid backbone that displays the entire flavor the grape has to offer.
(back label poem):
Donner stared sadly at the holiday tree.
"The reindeers have their own wine...all except me"
When Santa heard of his friend's sad lament
An e-mail to the winemaker quickly was sent.
"We've made Christmas wines and it's been quite a blast
But truly I've save the best for the last.
A wine so delicious, so showered with fame
It just has to bear the great Donner's name"


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Cupid's Cab | Reindeer Label Christmas Wines Christmas Wine | Cupid's Cab | Cabernet Sauvignon.
$20.00  NV-CUPID

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)

The nose opens with red currants, blackberries and vanilla spice. The mid palate offers flavors of raspberries, red & black currants and a rich, dry finish.

(back label poem):
It had been a late Season,
But the grapes had no equal,
Santa's herd had good reason,
To wish for a Yule Sequel.
With Eola's Winemaker, there's always a way.
Let’s head to the Cellar, and make Cabernet.
To the Reindeer collection, we're happy to add
this year's Holiday rendition...Cupid's Cab!

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Christmas & Holiday Wine Christmas Wine | Comet's Cuvee Sparkling Wine.

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)
(back label poem):
The winemaker sat puzzled on the cellar floor
Pondering how to top what he’d done before.
First, there was Prancer, then Blitzen and Rudy
Blending a fourth would be his holiday duty.
Then in came Comet, and from what he did say
Came a Yuletide sparkler, called Comet’s Cuvee.

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Christmas & Holiday Wines Christmas Wine | Prancer's Private Reserve.

(A Nov/Dec Seasonal)
(back label poem):
Twas the night before crush And all through the cellar, Not a creature was stirring ‘Cept the winemaking fellar. Then Prancer appeared and tasted the juice He knew ‘t would be perfect with holiday goose. He winked at the winemaker, flew into the night A Private Reserve would simply delight!.

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Read the Reindeer Label Story & Press Release
Check annually around November to see our Christmas labeled wines offered.  

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Christmas wine and holiday wines with Santa and reindeer labels and poems. Gift giving ideas for bottles of wine in your baskets of gifts.


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